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Oslo opera house
How / Why I did it:

Taken hand held. I tried to capture the glass building and the reflection of the cranes etc.Have cropped the image and adjusted contrast and brightness
David Dennett A nice try, the problem I have with it is the glass in the building has some sort of distortion in it and it seems to have broken up the reflections of the cranes and also what looks like a walkway horizontally at the bottom. Of course that may have been your intention, either way I do find that distracting and off-putting.
Guy Davies An interesting shot!  I like the crane and other reflections superimposed on the interior of the Opera House.  The sloping ground also adds an extra element of interest.  (Imagine the image with level ground).  I have to admit that I enjoy taking reflections in modern glass buildings, so it’s great to see this type of image.  The colour palette is very simple, being green and grey, but this works rather well.  However, the reflected crane structures and the side of the building seem to have haloes which look like they may have come from the processing.
   John Davies
I am not sure about this picture. It is probably part of the architecture but the various slopes in the building make me feel uneasy. Also, I don’t think the reflections of the cranes and the construction work help. I wonder if you had gone in much closer and pointed the camera upwards so that only the sky was reflected in the glass, it would have made for a more dynamic image.
Ben Corbett Intriguing view of the Opera House in Oslo. There are straight lines but many others appeared curved which makes this an interesting architectural subject to photograph. I do like the reflection of the cranes, sky and (I presume) yourself. Overall an interesting picture.
Sue Snape
I like taking clear reflections in glass buildings and this one is good.  I like the range of colours in the glass.  I think it would benefit from having more cropped off the bottom of the image as I don’t think the paving adds much to the picture.

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