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Ann Corbett

North Canadian Rockies

How/Why I Did It: 

The road through that wound through the Canadian section of the Rockies became more dramatic the further north we got, range after range of of bare grey rock shaped and twisted by the glaciers.   Subtle colours changed with the light and at one point the sun shone off the wrinkles and swirls in the polished rock making it seem as if it had been whipped up like a merangue.  I think this is part of the Colin Range and my photo doesn't do it justice, it was a grab shot through an open car window because the opportunities to pull off seemed to be functional with drivers in mind, not photographers. 

Taken 2 years ago with my Canon Powershot G7Mk2 on auto, and back home on a big screen, this is my favorite.  I would have liked to remove the cluster of large pine trees at the bottom right corner, but I have left the there because that was the only way to give an idea of the massive scale of this range in the Yukon.
Simon Allen
This looks to be very interesting scenery - the rock strata making some fascinating patterns. As you say, the pine trees are usalful for scale - though the quantity of bare foreground hill is a bit of a distraction. Maybe a little m ore contrast on the centre peak would bring out the rock textures even more?
Guy Davies
This looks like one of those totally amazing places which make you just want to stand and contemplate, and yet which are very difficult to photograph.  I was enjoying looking at the quite remarkable swirls and lines in the bare rock faces and pondering the natural forces that caused them, when I read on further to where you refer to the little green blob lower right as a cluster of large pines.  That really brings home the magnitude and grandeur of the scene.  You must keep them in for that, even though the composition might be more pleasing without them.
John Davies
An impressive view which merges landscape and geology. I like the shapes with the jagged mountains sandwiched between the smooth foreground and the uniform blue sky. This is one image where I think the presence of clouds would detract. I certainly wouldn’t remove the trees and I wonder if they could be accentuated slightly by lightening them. It would have been great to have had a little shaft of sunlight illuminating them.
David Dennett
Very dramatic scenery with all the twist in the rocks. Under the circumstances a good effort. The trees bottom right I am glad you left them in because as you suggest they give the image scale. It’s a pity that they were not some tall conifers but you can only record what is there.
Phil Kitching
Quite a simplistic composition that works. The only problem I felt was that there was nothing in the image to give scale except for the trees you mentioned. I didn't realise though that these were trees until I read the "How/why I did it" .  A human figure or animals would have been better but that is not easy if they are not there when taking the shot.
Sue Snape

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