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Ann Corbett

Jordanian couple
Jordanian couple

How/Why I Did It: 

We met this couple after a stunning ride into Petra last year. I say stunning because of the ancient rocks and dwellings carved into them, and also because of the wooden horse drawn cart with no springs! This lady had begged from us on the way in to the city at 7am and she was still there 3 hours later on our return.  This time she was with her husband and had set out her stall on the rocks selling (very expensive) woven items. We managed not to buy anything, but money did exchange hands for a photo.  I'd all ready quietly walked to the side and taken this one but it seemed churlish not to take more and a photo was a lot cheaper than her woven garments.

It was taken on my Canon G7X on auto and I like this camera because it is unobtrusive.  Unfortunately, back at home I found there was not a single photo on the camera chip from Jordan, though chips from other countries we had visited on that trip were OK.  I upload the day's photos each evening to my IPad and luckily I still have these copies to Mail to my desktop.
Simon Allen
Your missing images show the importance of backing up on holiday! I like this image of the couple, even if it does look a little posed. The profiles are nice and sharp and seem to mirror some texture in the rocks behind. I think I would crop up from the bottom to the point where the woman's dress meets the frame, to focus attention on the faces.
Guy Davies
They don’t look like beggars.  They appear to be well dressed and elegant.  It’s a nice shot and I’m pleased it doesn’t follow the current RPS International trend of full face portraits which tend to be boring.  One might wonder what they are looking at, but to me they appear very composed and content.  I would just like to see the image lightened a little.
John Davies

Phil Kitching
Great candid image with plenty of character showing in the weather beaten faces. I thought it could be worth trying a crop from the bottom of the frame to just below the top of the man on the lefts pocket. This would concentrate the viewer to the faces more and also crops out the bottom part of the arm of the man, which is only partly in the frame.
Sue Snape
They certainly look like interesting characters and I like the detail you can see in their faces but I always feel that a portrait works better if the people are looking in your direction and you feel some contact through the eyes. 

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