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Ben Corbett

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How/Why I Did It: 

Not to say that the bird was bored but it was clearly habituated to life in the Birds of Prey Centre at Thirsk. An interesting and compliant subject caught with my Pentax K5 using ISO 800 at 1/200 sec and f5.6 with focal length of 200mm. I was pleased with the background being out of focus ad the catch light in the eye. Feathers on the body appear sharp but those on the head appear softer. Maybe it was a passing breeze?
Simon Allen
A classic bird of prey centre head shot. It is well exposed and nicely positioned in the frame, and you have a nice catchlight in its eye. The eye is sharp but as you say the head feathers and tip of the beak are n ot - perhaps a narrower aperture was really needed? On the other hand, you do have a nice blurred background.
John Davies
The classic Bird of Prey Centre head shot that we all go for. I think it could do with being a bit lighter to show some detail in the feathers below the mouth (unless it is my monitor). I suspect the softness of the feathers is down to the fairly wide aperture and consequent reduced depth of field.
Guy Davies
It was probably counting up how many other photographers were queueing up to photograph it!  Seriously, it is a nice pose and well exposed, with the background well out of focus.  The feathers on the head do look a little soft, and I think the beak is not as sharp (optically!) as one would like.  Could it  be that the plane of focus was on the shoulders and the head was just enough in front to be going a little soft?  A setting of f/5.6 at 200 mm will give a fairly small depth of field, particularly when focussed fairly close.
David Dennett
As you say the bird looks bored. I know of a female Buzzard in Birds of  Prey Centre in Gloucestershire who poses. She moves her head around a lot it’s almost a case of is this my best side. As you say a little soft on top background nicely out of focus.
Phil Kitching
I think the bird is sharp where it matters, on the eye. It is difficult to judge sharpness from the low resolution files that are sent via e-mail but it seemed ok on my monitor for the most part. I am not so sure about being a bored look but a menacing one certainly.
Sue Snape

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