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Ben Corbett

Sao Miguel
Municipal Building Ponta Delgada, Azores

How/Why I Did It: 

As part of our trip we dropped into the Azores with a view to whale watching. Regrettably, the weather was so poor we spent all our time exploring the island. This image is of the Municipal Building in the centre of Ponta Delgada just off the main square. The shot was taken with my IPhone in the early evening before the light went when the wind had dropped and tourists and locals had largely departed for the day. To complicate matters the building leans slightly down on the left., the statue and the ornamental pool are not in line with each other or with the the building behind. I have rotated the frame just 1 degree to bring the roof line of the building to the horizontal and minimally cropped as required. Apart from this and the desaturationj of a green pharmacy sign on the right edge of the image the pictures is as taken. A record shot, if nothing else, but I did enjoy the reflections.
Simon Allen

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