Packhorse Bridge



Simon Allen

Ann Corbett

Ben Corbett

Guy Davies

David Dennett

John Davies

Phil Kitching

Sue Snape


David Dennett


How/Why I Did It: 

Taken a couple of years ago near Middleham on a November morning it was still snowing just a little at the time.

I just happened to be there when it started and it looked worth a try. The tree line is the far bank of the River Ure. I took about a dozen tries of which this was the best one. I was using Elements 12 then and the adjustments were mostly contrast and a little more green.   

Camera Nikon D7000 Lens 18-105 at 50mm, ISO 250, F18,  AP, 1/80th sec  JPEG
Simon Allen

Ben Corbett

John Davies

Guy Davies

Philip Kitching

Sue Snape

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