Packhorse Bridge



Simon Allen

Ann Corbett

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Guy Davies

David Dennett

John Davies

Phil Kitching

Sue Snape


David Dennett

Newport bridge mono
newport bridge colour

How/Why I Did It: 

Last month I submitted the split toning version of this image and the opinions and comments passed  were that they would like to see the original. Also a black and with version. So I would welcome comments on either or both.

Camera Nikon D7200 6 seconds F14 ISO 640 Lens 18-105v set at 25 mm in manual   

Simon Allen
Of the three versions you have shown I prefer the B&W one. Both the colour and B&W do seem very dark - some shadow detail would help to add interest, and it is a bit hard to pick out any real detail in the colour image. Having found a good viewpoint I think another trip, a little earlier when there is still some light in the sky, might yield a more interesting image.
John Davies
I don’t know if it is my monitor but they seem very dark to me and would benefit from seeing more detail in the shadow areas. I think the monochrome version works best in the absence of any light in the sky.
Guy Davies
Both images are very dark and the original looks like it is two or three stops under-exposed.  It can be quite difficult getting the right exposure in night shots such as this, and it is always worth looking at the histogram on the back of the camera after taking the shot.  The lights will almost always burn out so it is best to make sure you get the shadows.  As it is a static subject, you could take two or three shots at different exposures to cover the brightness range, and then blend afterwards either manually or as an hDR.  It is a good viewpoint but it is difficult to say anything more because of the lack of detail in any of the darker parts.  I would guess that the mono treatment might give the best result.
Philip Kitching
I prefer the straight B/W version.
Sue Snape
I much prefer the black and white version.  The image is more stark, which I think suits the subject matter.  The starbursts on the lights are more effective as well. Perhaps a little bit of lightening of the shadows as the bottom left in particular has no detail at all.

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