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Guy Davies

Wardrobe place
Night at Wardrobe Place
How I did it

Another from my recent all night shoot in London.  This was shot in a small square near St Paul’s, well off the beaten track.  The quiet elegance of the architecture was very impressive, and the old type street lamp just completed the picture.  This is the result of a three-shot HDR processed in ON1 RAW.  Taken on my Lumix G9 with the Leica DG 12-60 lens (24-120 35mm equivalent) at 48 mm and f/9.  Exposures were 2 sec, 0.4 sec, 1/13 sec (ie 0, -2, -4 compensation) and ISO was 200.  More work was done in ON1 to make it monochrome and to bring up the contrast, and then to crop.
Simon Allen
Another lovely B&W night-time shot - your trip to London seems to have been very productive! This is very atmospheric - the HDR treatment has worked well, with detail in the lights and the shadows. Verticals are pretty good (though perhaps evr so slightly in at the top right!) And there is nice texture in the brickwork and door frame. I'm a bit intrigued by the sign on the wall but can't really read it - could you bring out the lettering a bit m ore?
Ann Corbett

Ben Corbett

Dave Dennett
I like this image. The fact that the door is off set is good to often we fall into the trap of putting it central. The flower box is nice, I don’t know if it would have been possible to get a little more detail into that, it’s not a big issue. The one thing I find distracting is the reflection of the street light in the window. I know it’s there and you can’t not photograph it and I would not relish trying to clone that out but it would help to try and get rid of it.
Phil Kitching
A good B/W image with plenty of contrast. The lantern gives an old world atmosphere to the old facade. The reflection of the lantern in the window is a little distracting but could easily be removed in Photoshop.
Sue Snape
Another fabulous shot from your night shoot in London!  I like the detail in the brickwork and the reflection of a lamp in the window to match the one outside and the one above the door, they keep drawing my eye back into the picture.  Perhaps a little more detail could be brought out from above the light and portico or it could be cropped as I do not think it adds to the image.

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