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Upright Hedge Parlsey

How/Why I Did It: 

I was struggling to find an image this month so here is one that I shortlisted as an entry to the flora competition. It didn’t quite make it but I like it because it shows the beauty of a common wildflower. Taken on my old micro four thirds Olympus Pen camera while walking the dog it has had very little done to it apart from the usual Lightroom tweaks when converting a RAW file.

Simon Allen
A very nice illustration of a common flower. The flowerheads are all nice and sharp and I like the subtle variations in colour. The brighter stems in the background are a little obtrusive, but not too distracting. I'd be tempted to crop a little right and left - it might just squeeze into one of your square formats.
Ann Corbett
Beautifully simple and each individual flower seems perfect against that softly blurred background. The fact you have done very little to the image speaks for the quality of the original image.
Ben Corbett
An illustrative image worthy of any wild flower catalogue. The florets appear sharp and the background greenery is out of focus making an appropriate background. Perhaps not a competition winner but, none the less, a nice picture.
Guy Davies
Images such as this open our eyes to the beauty in the common plants that we see every day.  It is well focussed and exposed.  The supporting stems are gently going out of focus and are not intrusive.  Nature has provided a nice composition and the only thing I would suggest is that you maybe tone down the overall background green a little
Phil Kitching
The flower certainly "pops" out of the frame and has a 3D effect due to the out of focus background. The background is however quite busy, even though it is blurred but never the less does complement the natural setting. A great image
Sue Snape
I like the simplicity of this image and the flower head stands out well from the background.  I do, however find the background a bit too bright and would be tempted to desaturate it a bit.  The detail in the flowers is lovely.

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