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magic trees
Magic trees

How/Why I Did It: 

On the way to Australia we stopped for 5 days in Singapore and one of the highlights there was a visit to the “Gardens by the Bay” Here there are these amazing, enormous tree sculptures that as well as being good to look at contain solar panels and a cooling system for the nearby biodomes. At night they put on a light show to music and this is one of many pictures I took at the time. It was handheld at ISO2000 and had minimal tweaks in Lightroom CC. I find this program most frustrating as it seems to be a very poor cutdown version of Lightroom Classic and serving only as an iCloud link to that full computer version. It doesn’t appear to allow for any resizing or renaming of images. It would be nice to have something better for editing photos on an iPad on the go.

Simon Allen
A very striking image - I do like the composition with the tilted towers, and the colours are magnificent. At least at this size there don't seem to be any problems from the realtively high ISO. The nearest 'trunk' details look a little soft but I don't think it matters at all. Great shot.
Ann Corbett
We were in Singapore when these weird trees were under construction, though at the time they looked more magic mushrooms!  Lit up now they look amazing and good to know they are functional too.
P.S. I have no idea what magic mushrooms look like!
Ben Corbett
Magic image, very “Disneyesque”. Lovely colours with interesting forms and soft focus. Good result as a hand held image in low light
Guy Davies
A good choice of viewpoint and nice colours!  The red bit in the bottom left is a bit distracting and could maybe be cloned out.  It is difficult to tell at this resolution, but I'm not sure if the 'tree trunks' are as sharp as they might be.
David Dennett
An interesting shot. I did wonder if it might have been better in landscape rather than portrait.
Phil Kitching
A fascinating and very colourful image that looks at first glance like an under water scene.
Sue Snape
My sister has shown me some pictures of these as well and they are really most impressive.  I like the angle you have taken the picture at, which makes it a bit different.  I am not too sure about the depth of field.  The bottom is out of focus at the point where my eye is drawn in to the picture and then sharp at the top.  I think it would work better with a greater depth of field.  As it was handheld you have done well to get it as sharp as it is.

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