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John Davies

Turkey sunset
Turkey sunset

How/Why I Did It: 

I have just returned from a holiday visiting Mo Thomas and his wife at their apartment in Turkey. We had several sunsets over the sea but usually the sea was choppy or the sky was so clear and uninteresting that the sun disappeared like a red ball over the horizon. However on this occasion the sea was calm and the sunset looked promising so Mo and I made a dash for the waterfront. We were rewarded with this view which I captured on my iPhone x using the “ProCamera” app which produces RAW files. The boat was anchored so I was able to move around to compose the image. I tried several different viewpoints but this was the one that appealed most to me. Apart from increasing the exposure slightly and moving the highlights slider to the left, there was very little to do in Lightroom to produce this image

Simon Allen

Ann Corbett

Ben Corbett

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