Packhorse Bridge



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Philip Kitching


How/Why I Did It:

I was thinking of possible ideas for the competition "Perspective" and I wondered if this would be a possible. I took this photograph of the seating at Scarborough's "open air theatre" about a year ago. Some cropping to remove unnecessary elements and adjustments also made using the transform sliders in Lightroom. Pentax K5 with 35mm prime lens, f/11, 1/250, ISO 320

Simon Allen
Quite an intriguing image - the combination of straight lines and more curved shapes from the seat backs and upright posts works nicely, as does the contrast between the white and green elements. For such a geometric image I am slightly put off by the lack of 'squareness' - the back rows slope up to the left and the front posts don't seem to be quite upright. I'm sure they could be tweaked in Photoshop.
Ann Corbett
The simplicity and unfussy colours make this a striking picture and it fits the bill for the Perspective competition.  I wonder if a stronger image would have been made using the stairs as a straight central point to intersect the horizon with converging lines of seats? The diagonal line through the slope of the upper seats seems to over complicate things
Ben Corbett
Well chosen subject to illustrate perspective. Good choice to have the steps running up from the bottom left rather than being in the centre. I would have been tempted to crop out the railings at the bottom of the image and convert from landscape to square format to have the steps running diagonally across the image.
Guy Davies
Quite a fascinating array of seats!  The placement of the line of steps and white ‘things’ so that it runs diagonally from the left corner is good as it takes the eye into the image.  I think it just needs a person sitting in one of the seats, preferably wearing something red, to hold the attention in the image.  With the image as it stands, you could  make a severe crop and take out the right hand side up to the line of steps to leave a nice Z shaped line of white railings and ‘things’.  I’m not sure it would be strong enough to show perspective though.
John Davies

Sue Snape
This is a good pattern image and the white railings draw my eye into the centre of the image.  I am left feeling that the image just peters out at the top.  Would it be stronger as a more letterbox image with the top cropped to just about the white railings? I am not sure but well spotted.

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