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Philip Kitching

Yorkshire sculpture park
Yorkshire Sunset

How/Why I Did It:

Taken yesterday at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. There was a stunning sunset and I managed to get what I thought was an attractive sky line with the reflection from the lake in the foreground. Canon G12 ISO 800 f2.8 1/60 sec hand held.

Simon Allen
This is a lovely sky, with a nice silhouette of the tree - and the moon is a good bonus. I think you can probably get a bit more out of the image in post-processing. I would crop from the right to remove the 'half-tree', and I think you need to do something about the foreground. If there is any detail still to be had you could draw it out with 'Highlights & Shadows' in Photoshop. Otherwose I would crop off most of the black area to make the most of that glorious sky.
Ben Corbett
There are some spectacular shots at sunset at this time of year when the trees are losing there leaves. For me the main interest is the tree with the sunset behind and you have extended the view to include the moon. The foreground blackness with the indistinct lake, on this web view, does little for me and I would be inclined to reduce this area.
Guy Davies
This sort of shot is always tempting so well worth taking.  As always in this lighting there is a very large brightness range so the challenge is to bring out the detail in the shadows without losing the highlights.  The sky is superb but the foreground does appear to be very dark so that the base looks like a silhouette.  One option here would be to crop off about half of the base, but that would mean losing that rather nice lake.  Closer inspection however, does show that there is detail in the foreground and the application of some selective lightening can bring this out.  This is best done initially in the RAW converter (assuming the original is a RAW file), but even in the low res jpeg here on the web, the detail can be pulled out.  (Try Shadows/Highlights a couple of times).  I think you could also make a super black & white from this image.
John Davies
I am not sure whether your monitor is calibrated differently to mine but this looks very dark to me and I can see very little detail in the foreground. I tried lightening it in Photoshop but it was very grainy. Compositionally, I think it would have helped if you could have found a way of excluding the tree on the right border.
Sue Snape
An atmospheric shot. I agree the sky is interesting – would it be possible to make more of the red in it? On my monitor the bottom is very dark – I can make out what look like some white buildings but nothing more. I would lighten the foreground to bring out more detail.

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