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Philip Kitching

Mother and child
Mother and child

How/Why I Did It:

Taken last year at Chester Zoo. The elephants were moving around in a troop with their young,  giving great opportunity for this type of image. I liked the way the young elephant mirrored the adult in the composition and gave scale. Pentax K5, Pentax f4 300mm prime lens, F8.0, 1/320 sec, ISO 1000.

Simon Allen
Ahh - I do like a baby elephant! You have a nice composition with the infant tucked in to the adult, I think you were right to keep it tight on the mother's face. Everything is sharp and well exposed - you can even see the baby's fluffy hair down its back! Lovely shot.
Ann Corbett
This is one of those Ahh pictures where the subject jumps out at me before any technical considerations.  Mum's skin is beautifully detailed, as is the baby's, and the muted colours of the rocks set them off well.  I would have just liked to have seen the top of Mums head to have completed the picture.
Ben Corbett
Very nice image of mother and child elephant. Good composition. I think it might be helpful to tone down the brightness of the background rock in the centre of the image as it is a potential distraction. Also, is there any more to the original image that might enable the mother’s head to be fully included?
Guy Davies
This is a well cropped shot of these two animals.  The baby does indeed mirror the stance of the mother, and the feeling of protection comes over very clearly.  The crop is good too as it cuts out extraneous detail and concentrates the viewer's attention where it needs to be.
John Davies
Aaaah, I love it. I am a sucker for cute nature pictures. You have captured the moment perfectly with the baby enclosed safely in the frame made by the mother’s legs and trunk. I think this would work very well in monochrome.
David Dennett
The fact that you have concentrated on a small area is good a lot of people would have taken the whole animal with all the background as well which would have made it a nothing shot. Nice and sharp.
Sue Snape
This is certainly an “ahh” moment.  I think the close crop works well to cut out distractions and focus the eye on mother and baby.  There is plenty of detail, especially on the mother elephant.  I think I would try upping clarity and vibrance to get a little more colour in the image, especially the baby elephant which looks a bit flat in comparison to the mother.

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