Packhorse Bridge



Simon Allen

Ann Corbett

Ben Corbett

Guy Davies

David Dennett

John Davies

Phil Kitching

Sue Snape


Simon Allen


How/Why I Did It: 

Taken in the grounds of the old church at Whorlton (above Swainby) in late afternoon, with some low sun hitting the flowers. It was surprsingly difficult to get a good composition. Have I got enough depth of field here? I wanted to keep the background gravestone out of focus but maybe the rear flowers have gone too far as well?
24-105 mm lens at 102 mm, f/6.3, 1/640s, ISO 800
Ann Corbett

Ben Corbett

Guy Davies
I like the composition and the low light.  I  think a little more depth of field would help but the important thing is that the flowers at the front are sharp.  I’m not sure about that one out of focus bloom sticking up in front of the gravestone though.  I wonder if it would be worth cloning it out.
David Dennett
As you say the depth of field is not quite enough. But the trouble is the gravestone is there and you don’t want that to distract from the flowers. I think you were very much between a rock and a hard place.
Phil Kitching
The snowdrops have been captured at their best with no sign of dying off. I did think that a little bit more depth of field would have been better to keep more of the flowers on the left hand side in focus. The gravestone in the background is a little distracting as is the bright blue toned area next to it. A pleasing image of early Spring.
Sue Snape
I like the detail you have got in the snowdrops but do feel perhaps a greater depth of field would have helped.  I am also distracted by the bright blues in the background.  Could these have been desaturated a bit?

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