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Simon Allen


How/Why I Did It: 

It's bluebell time! Whilst I love sight of a bluebell wood at this time of year I  do find it difficult to  generate anything very original photographically! This was taken  at the top of Newton woods last week, focussing on the mix of bluebells and stitchwort. In order to try to make the main subject stand out more I have applied a couple of white layers and then brough the central bluebell back with a layer mask. 90mm Tamron macro lens at f/8.0, ISO 400.
Ann Corbett

Ben Corbett
Your efforts have certainly brought the target bluebells to the fore with the background blurred. As the bluebells are the focus of attention I think that a crop of the image into a portrait format would bring the bluebells the attention they deserve.
Guy Davies
I do agree that it is very difficult to do justice photographically to a spread of bluebells, in spite of the fact that they look wonderful to the eye.  I think your approach is right, to pick out one single flower (or two) and use differential focus/blurring and any other technique to make it stand out from the background.  The white layer trick seems to be effective but I think you need to go a bit further.  The main subject is separated from the rest but maybe not quite enough.  Perhaps a Curves adjustment to darken the image a little and maybe add a touch more contrast might do the trick.  I see you used f/8 at the taking stage.  Might it have been better to go even wider f/5.6 or f/4 to increase the differential focus effect?
John Davies
I agree about trying to find a new angle on bluebells. Yet another year passes without me summoning the enthusiasm to go out and try. I did manage a similar image (though not as successful) to yours taken on a roadside verge while dog walking. I think your post-production work has produced results and gives a pleasing image. The only negatives for me are the smaller, sharp bluebell, which competes with the main one – perhaps it could be blurred slightly – and the bramble leaf in the bottom right which is quite distinct from the rest of the image and draws my eye away.
David Dennett
A nice picture, as you say it’s hard to come up with a new angle with anything like Blue Bells it’s either a single flower on an expanse of blue. The background is nicely out of focus. I might have a go at cropping on either side to see what impact that makes.
Phil Kitching
A pleasing image but I found myself not able to settle on a focal point.
The largest bluebell in the foreground is the natural point of attention but I couldn't settle on this as other parts of the image caught my attention. A little bit too much in the frame perhaps or the main subject still not standing out enough. A crop from the left might help.
Sue Snape

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