Ben Corbett


How I took it

Last year we were touring Labrador. The weather was cold and grey, the sea choppy  on the boat trip out to Battle Harbour on a island offshore. Battle Harbour was a supply base for fishermen and whalers and is now an historic site for tourism, staffed by locals. The original settlers were from the British Isles and we were astonished to be greeted by a fellow with a west country accent. Many of the buildings and accommodation have been beautifully restored but some aspects have been left untouched. This small boat abandoned on the rocky shore gave an impression of times past. The Image has been lightly cropped with some minor adjustments to colour and contrast in Photoshop. I have positioned the boat to the left as it has come to rest. It was taken with a Pentax K5 on automatic; f10, 1/250 sec and ISO 1600 at 135mm


Simon Allen

I like your composition here, with the boat on the diagonal leading into the frame, and with the view of both inside and outside of the boat. The dilapidated nature gives some nice textures in the wood / paintwork, and the muted palette works well. I wonder if you could bring out the testure even more by tweaking the contrast, or curves in Photoshop?

Guy Davies

I think the image conveys the cold, grey feel of the day quite nicely but the low contrast tends to suppress the interesting details.  You could try the old trick of making a copy layer and applying Image>Adjust>Shadows/Highlights at the default setting, and then using Curves to boost the contrast.  Placement of the boat in the frame is good.  It might be nice to see a bit more of the surrounding area.

Sue Snape

I like the colours in the boat and think your positioning of it is good, providing a strong diagonal into the image.  The weather conditions have meant that it appears a bit flat, without light and shadow.  It might help if you use an adjustment brush to select the boat then I would increase exposure on the boat, add texture and clarity, just to make it stand out a bit more.

Phil Kitching

I did like this image and I thought it had the look of a painting. It is a simple subject but well placed in the frame with the shore line matching the muted colours of the boat. I felt a little cropping from the top of the frame would take away the slightly distracting tonal change in the water. I think this would make a nice print for framing.