Guy Davies

Bridge people silhouette

How I took it

This was taken on June 29th  last year at 10:23 pm in Paris.  It was taken from the deck of a river cruise boat and I liked the silhouettes of the people on the bridge.  The sunset was not the spectacular kind but more of an orange glow covering a wide expanse of the sky.  As the boat was moving surprisingly quickly, it was difficult to frame up, focus and take the shot.  I took several and this one was the best.  Taken on my Lumix G9 with the Leica 12-60 lens at 60 mm, exposure was 1/100 at f/8 with the ISO set up to 2000.  Back home it was opened in ON1RAW, given some basic processing and cropped to the letter-box shape.  It was then exported to Photoshop and the Topaz De-Noise plug-in used to reduce the grainy noise which was apparent in some areas.  I then cloned out a couple of cranes in the background, added a little more contrast with a Curves layer and increased the saturation a little to create more impact.


Simon Allen

This is a very effective image – I like the silhouettes against the lovely sunset sky. The different groupings and activities of the people give us plenty to explore, and the graphic shapes of the bridge contrast well. I’m torn about the bottom section though – the more distant bridges do add some context but are a bit cluttered. I think I would crop them out and then clone out the trees to give a clear orange base.

David Dennett

I must come clean and admit, because I was late submitting my comments and therefore having read Simons I am in total agreement with all that he has said. The letter box works well and for me the figures  are the main interest.

Sue Snape

I love the silhouettes of these people on the bridge.  The almost pastel shade of orange in the background I find relaxing and allows me to take the time to see what the people are doing.  If it was possible I think I would try and clone out the trees at the bottom left and the tall building at the bottom right.  This would leave clear sky beneath the lower part of the bridge in the foreground and make the diagonal lines more dramatic.

Phil Kitching

Pleasant soft tones from the setting sun and an interesting grouping of figures on the bridge. I am not sure the multi arch bridge at the bottom of the frame adds much to the image and I would try cropping this out.

Ben Corbett