Phil Kitching


How I took it

Taken recently from the “Mother Shiptons” side of the river. I liked the reflections and the general tranquillity of the scene. ISO 125 F3.5mm 1/60 sec Canon  RX100 Mkiii. General usual exposure corrections in Lightroom


Simon Allen

This is a nice peaceful, quintessentially English, view, with good lighting on the buildings and a nice wavy reflection in the river. The left hand side is a bit dark, and without too much interest and I am intrigued by the little glimpse of weir in the bottom right – so I think you might have had a slightly better view if you rotated round to the right a little. As it stands I think I would crop a little off the left.

Guy Davies

Well done for getting something different from Knaresborough, other than the usual view of the bridge and the boats.  Lighting is good and the reflections are very nice indeed.  The whole image creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.  I like the composition as it is.

David Dennett

This image has reminded me of the potential of Knaresborough and the Harrogate area. A nice restful image, nice reflections the sort of situation where one should have a cold drink and just look at the view. On small point the left hand side under the tree I would be inclined to clone out the the wire with the yellow markers it’s a little distracting.      

Sue Snape

A lovely, tranquil scene.  My Aunt and Uncle used to live by the Riverside in Knaresborough so it brings back childhood memories. The reflections in the water are good and the sky is interesting.  I think I might be tempted to crop off some of the left hand side as there is quite a lot of dark, heavy foliage without much interesting detail.

Ben Corbett