Simon Allen

Frog portrait

How I took it

Taken early in lockdown in our garden pond, which has had very few frogs this year. This one was taking in the world! Handheld with Panasonic 100-400 lens, and cropped down to avoid an overhanging leaf. I like the fact that (at least on a bigger image) you can see the reflection of the overhead trees in its eye.


Guy Davies

Nice sharp image with very clean looking water and pleasant reflections in background.  Shame about the out of focus ‘thing’ sticking out of the water, but I don’t think you could do much about that.

David Dennett

Very sharp for hand held with a fair size lens. The reflections are good, the vegetation is as. you say a problem. It looks with the water surface very very difficult to clone and take it out. Certainly beyond my skills I know. I must admit I don’t think I would have picked up the refections in the frog’s eye,

Sue Snape

A lovely sharp image with smooth water and a good reflection.  I also like the colour palette.  I wondered if you flipped the image horizontally if it might make the V shape stop your eye from leaving the image rather than seeming to stop you moving into the image as we read from left to right. (If you see what I mean!)

Phil Kitching

The frog was caught just at the right time with a nice reflection of the eye in the water. I felt the tree stump was a little too dominant  but could be toned down a little or cropped in Photoshop. A difficult subject to photograph but well worth it.

Ben Corbett