Sue Snape

How I took it

This is another picture I have taken during lockdown.  I like the contrast of the yellow and the blue but I am not sure if the composition is very good.  Should I have got the full petals in at the bottom?  Should I get rid of the part flower at the left?  Should I crop more off the right- hand side?  Lots of questions.  I hope you have some answers!


Simon Allen

What a lovely bright image, with great colour contrast between the flowers and the clear blue sky. Yes, I think you should crop a bit off the right hand side – it looks a bit unbalanced as it is – but I don’t mind the cropped off petals at the bottom. I think I would clone out the intruding part flower on the right, to give a clear blue edging to the image.

Guy Davies

This is a glorious burst of spring!  The light blue of the sky is the perfect backdrop for the bright yellow of the flowers, and I think the simplicity of the composition is just right.  To answer the questions:

  1. The part petals at the bottom don’t worry me at all.  If you try to include them you will probably find too much other clutter gets included.
  2. That one petal leaning in on the left looks like an ear listening in to the private conversation going on between the flowers in the main group!  I would clone it out or even crop the left so that you have a part petal there too.
  3. No, don’t take anything off the right.  The group is looking up into the clear blue sky and needs that space.  If you’ve got any more blue sky at the top on the original, it might be good to include it.

David Dennett

A nice colourful image the yellow blue contrast is striking. There is an odd petal on the left trying to get in that might clone out. I don’t think you could crop it. I quite like the off centre position, maybe you could take a fraction of the right it’s worth a try.

Phil Kitching

Good colour with the yellow against the blue sky. There is a little bit too much empty space on the right for me, so a further crop would help.

I would also crop out a little of the left because of the cut off petals. A pleasing spring image.

Ben Corbett