Nerine by John Hopkins - Individual Prints (21)

Lavender Fields by Sue Snape: Individual Prints (26)

Red Kite in Rainstorm by Simon Allen: Individual Prints (29)

Bird of Paradise by Dave Purnell: Individual Prints (24)

Bent under the Load by Paula Davies: Individual Prints (25)

Brugge at Night by Rob Louw: Individual Prints (28). Best Mono Print

KNot by Paul W Forster: Individual Prints (30). Best Colour Print

Eye Spy by Linda Fisher: Individual DPI (25)

Carrion Tug of War by Rob Louw: Individual DPI (26)

Walking the Dogs by Guy Davies: Individual DPI (25)

The Big Easy by Paula Davies: Individual DPI (21)

Duoro Morning by Allan Snape: Individual DPI (26)

Prey Beyond the Fence by Sue Sorrell: Individual DPI (26)

Dark Green Frittilaries by Paul Forster: Individual DPI (29)

Barn Owl by John Hopkins: Individual DPI (29)

Left to Decay by Sue Snape: Individual DPI (18)

Elgol Sunset by Richard Dennis: Individual DPI (25)

Garden Spider by Paul Forster: Club Prints (25)

Bird Song by John L Davies: Club Prints (28)

Stamen detail by Carol Cook: Club Prints (23)

St Pauls and Millenium Bridge by Rob Louw: Club Prints (27)

Grizzled Skipper by Paul Forster: Club Prints (27)

Cheetah by John L Davies: Club Prints (28)

Distant Reflection by Richard Dennis: Club DPI (16)

Juvenile Peregrine by Paul Forster: Club DPI (25)

Northern Lights by Linda Fisher: Club DPI (27)

London Skyscrapers by Rob Louw: Club DPI (21)

Ringlet by Paul Forster: Club DPI (30)

Bathing Starling by John Hopkins: Club DPI (18)

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