David Dennett


How I took it



Simon Allen

An intriguing light hearted image! The obvious question is ‘Why’! From a photogrpahic point of view, I would suggest a crop off the top of the frame – the only interest really is the figure on the seat to I would focus in on this as much as possible.

Guy Davies

An interesting and rather curious picture!  My initial response was to try to read the word on the blanket or whatever that is covering her head.  (I think it reads ‘CHANEL’).  From a personal point of view, I would like to see a little more of the surroundings, like the whole of the bench for example, to put the person into context.

Sue Snape

This is certainly a striking street scene and does make you think. To make the figure more central I would crop off the top of the image to nearer the top of the person’s head.

Phil Kitching

The image does make you think what the figure was doing seated like that with a blanket covering the face and also what the lettering spelt. I thought a tighter crop would  to take away the distractions in the wall at the top of the frame and the shadow in the bottom right corner. That done there would be a much stronger image I felt. An intriguing observational shot.