Guy Davies

Going down at The Sage

How I took it

I thought I had better do another staircase!  This one was taken on a very recent visit to The Sage concert hall in Gateshead.  The hall is very modern with two auditoriums and a large open area on the ground floor.  There are two balconies giving access to different levels of the two auditoriums, and some stairs going down to access a lower floor.  The picture was taken from the first balcony level looking down to the ground floor which accommodates cafe/restaurant facilities and other small retail outlets.  I waited for a single person to walk down the stairs before taking the shot.  Back home it was opened in ON1 RAW 2020 and adjustments made to improve contrast and to darken down the upper right background, and to brighten the sides of the staircase.  Also, because of light from the blue/green panels in some of the windows, I used the white balance tool on the side of the staircase to take out the colour cast.  Finally I cropped to give what I felt was a better composition. 

Camera details are Panasonic Lumix GF1 with Lumix 14-45 lens at 38 mm.  Exposure was 1/60 sec at f/8 with ISO 400.


Simon Allen

Another interesting staircase shot! I like the graphic qualities of the staircase with diagonal and horizontal lines, and the placing of the single person on the stairs is important I think. I do though find the background clutter (table at the bottom, group of people at the top) a bit distracting and wonder if it would be worth the effort of cloning them out? How does it look in B&W?

David Dennett

Good observation. The lady, I am assuming,  makes it for me, without her! A couple of thoughts how about black and white which it almost is any way. The other, was it possible to get the next level down as well or was there not a suitable vantage point.

Sue Snape

I find the white staircase with dark trim very eye catching and dramatic. However I am not sure about the group of people in the caf√© – the attract my eye and distract from the single person on the stairs. I don’t see enough of the group to keep my attention. Could you clone them out?

Phil Kitching

I can see what attracted you to this scene with the strong geometric lines and the isolation of the lady on the staircase. I did feel however that the seated figures at the table beyond the staircase distracted somewhat and may be worth removing by cropping or cloning out. The single table that can be seen below the top level of the staircase I also felt was a distraction and may also be worth cloning out. I experimented by looking at the image whilst masking out these objects with my fingers which I felt then gave a much stronger composition and highlighted the isolation of the figure on the staircase.