Phil Kitching

Industrial Landscape

How I took it

This image was one of several taken during this summers SPS trip to Greatham Creek at Seal sands. I took this at the end of the evening just as the light was fading. I liked the effect the longish shutter speed gave to the smoke from the stacks and I also liked the colour of the sky with some detail still remaining. Some boost to clarity, vibrance and saturation  in Lightroom and cropping to bottom of frame but very little else done to it.

Pentax K5, Pentax 55-300mm zoom @107.5mm on tripod. ISO 320, f/11, 2.0 sec.


Simon Allen

I remember this scene – I have an image that isn’t as good as yours! You have caught it at just the right time with good colour in the sky, and your exposure gives pleasant starbursts on the lights and has caught the movement in the steam from the stacks very well. My only niggle would be that you should crop the sliver of tower on the left out – it is a distracting glimpse!

Guy Davies

There is a lot going on in this image, and one could spend a lot of time simply finding and enjoying all the details.  It was taken at just the right time with enough light in the sky to hold a reasonably balanced exposure.  The effect of the wind and long exposure on the smoke and steam is good.  I would crop out that tall structure or whatever it is at the extreme left.  Also, you have a blob of sensor dirt about 20% of the way in from the left, about halfway up.  It is in a fairly plain bit of the image so should be easily taken out with the spot removal tool in Lightroom.

David Dennett

Nice to see someone made a better job of that night than I did. The only comment is the small amount of a stack on the left hand edge could be cloned out. 

Sue Snape

I agree about the colour of the sky and the smoke from the chimneys. I think I would crop a bit more from the left as there is part of a tower visible and I find it draws my eye without enough of it being there to be interesting.