Simon Allen

Gribdale sundown

How I took it

One from back in the summer, on the club outing to Gribdale. Although the sunset colours weren’t very strong, they did eventually improve. This was just before the sun went down. The wind was quite blustery but I think the movement in the foreground heather works OK. I had to clone out quite a lot of protectors for the young trees and balance the exposure somewhat in Photoshop.           

Canon 16-35 mm at 21 mm, ISO 800, 1/5 sec at f/18.


Guy Davies

The colour in the foreground heather is very strong and the leading line takes the eye nicely into the picture.  This forms into a nice curve round to the horizon and on to the bold outline of Roseberry Topping.  The sky is well balanced with the good light on the left to make Roseberry Topping stand out well.  The middle ground space in between the Topping and the heather has detail and interest but is happily not strong enough to command attention beyond bringing the viewer’s eye back to the starting point at the bottom left.  For me it is a very strong but restful image.

David Dennett

As I recall the sunset was disappointing that evening so to get the result you have is to your credit. You have made the best use of the available light which is all one can do. It’s nitpicking I suppose but I would have cloned out the part of the tree on the right on the skyline  A very nice image.

Sue Snape

I really like the light on the heather and the bushes below.  I know the sunset did not develop very much but some light on Roseberry Topping would have helped draw the eye to the back of the picture.  Could you lighten it a bit more?

Phil Kitching

A colourful late summer image showing the heather off very well. The line of heather leads the eye nicely  into the image finally coming to rest on Rosebery Topping. A gentle late evening warm tinge to the sky gives the image atmosphere.