Sue Snape


How I took it

I took this picture of the centre of the poppy because I loved the bright colours and thought the grasshopper was a bonus.  The problem I have is that the sunlight was very bright and although I have reduced highlights dramatically it still seems a bit overexposed to me.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  I was thinking about the macro competition but we have some very good photographers who do these kind of pictures and I am not sure it is up to the mark!


Simon Allen

A lovely bright image, well captured with good detail in both the stamens and the background petals. The insect is a bonus, with a good contrasting colour. I do like the texture in the orange petals. You could maybe clone out the small blemish in the bottom right. I can’t quite decide about the framing – whether it is better with a square centralised crop or not. I think f you do make it off-centre it should perhaps be a bit further off, both horizontally and vertically.

Guy Davies

Poppies are quite stunning in their colour and in the exquisite detail in the flower.  This has been well framed with a square crop and a central composition, and the detail is beautifully reproduced.  It does look a bit over-exposed though, as you say.  However, this can be easily remedied in Photoshop with a Curves or Levels adjustment layer.  In Curves, just pull the centre down from 128 to about 100.  Alternatively, in Levels move the centre slider from 1.0 to the right about 0.77.

David Dennett

A nice bright image just the sort of thing for this type of weather. I don’t think it’s too bight, the grasshopper seems about right so the rest should follow. The only thing  I would try is to adjust the contrast a little on the yellow if possible that might tone it down a little if you are concerned about the brightens. Also an adjustment of the yellow if you are using the “ camera raw filter”        

Phil Kitching

Striking colours and considering the bright sunlight you have done well to avoid distracting shadows spoiling the picture. It is very difficult to get the perfect angle when taking macro shots of flowers but I felt that the view would have been better taken fully square on to give symmetry. This angle of view appears to be a little low to me. The grasshopper gives added interest but is slightly out of focus and really not placed in the best position. Positioned on the stamens of the flower itself perhaps would have been a better option but not possible to arrange I would think. That is unless you had another shot of the grasshopper and used Photoshop to place it. Not easy though!