Competition Rules


Competitions consist of two categories: Prints, and Digital Images.

Each category has two classes: Advanced and Intermediate. Members may initially elect to enter Intermediate competitions although this is designed to encourage members who are beginners to enter club competitions. Progression from Intermediate to Advanced will be the result of being judged the overall winner from all Intermediate competitions during the previous year. A member may, even if they are not the overall winner, elect to enter Advanced competitions provided this is done at the start of the season.  No member may change classes during a season, and no member may mix classes during a season (e.g. Intermediate prints and Advanced digital). 

Each member may enter a maximum of three Images per competition, with a maximum of two images in one category (i.e. 2 prints and 1 digital or vice versa). No image may be used more than once on any competition evening, even in a different category.  However, any image may be used once more in another competition provided it is not in the same category as before. Please try not to knowingly enter an identical image to one which has been previously entered by another member.

A photographer’s best score in each category will count as the result for that category in any one competition, and the best four results will determine the final score at the end of the season. The person with the highest score at the end of the season will be deemed to have won the appropriate section of that category. In the event of a tie the four second best results will be used to decide the winner.

Trophies will be awarded as follows:

  • Armstrong Richardson Trophy – Advanced Prints
  • Ian Tindall Cup – Intermediate Prints
  • Peter Denham Trophy – Best entry in the monochrome competition
  • The Preston Trophy – Advanced Projected Images
  • David French Trophy – Intermediate Projected Images

Scores from the Advanced Prints, Advanced Projected Images and Peter Denham Mono entries throughout the season will count towards the Advanced Photographer of the Year Trophy.

Scores from the Intermediate Prints, Intermediate Projected Images and Peter Denham Mono entries throughout the season will count towards the Intermediate Photographer of the Year Trophy.

An additional trophy – the David Smith Memorial Trophy – will be awarded for the best overall image in one of the set subject competitions, as specified at the start of the year.


Prints may be unmounted or mounted. If mounted the mount should be no larger than 50cm x 40cm.  On the back on the print or mount please use a correct SPS label, which you can get from the competition secretary, and only include the Image Title, Your Class (Advanced or Intermediate) and Your Membership Number NOT your name.  If you could put a 1 or 2 after the membership number to match the jpeg file that would be a bonus! A digital file of the image should be also be entered using the online submission form so that the picture can be projected at the same time that the print is being commented on by the judge.  See below for the correct size and naming information.

Digital Images

Digital files should be resized to a maximum of 1400 pixels wide for landscape format and 1050 pixels high for portrait format, and submitted as jpeg files with an sRGB profile. Please see below for information on re-sizing and naming files.

Peter Denham Monochrome Competition

From the 2021/22 season this competition will have two categories – for prints and digital images. The competition is not divided into classes – i.e. Intermediate and Advanced entries will be all judged together.. Monochrome is defined as a single colour or tone.  This may be pure black and white with the tonal range restricted to greys, or may be toned in a single colour. Toning in more than one colour, such as split-toning is not permitted.  No image may have been used in a previous Peter Denham competition but may have been used in any of the other competitions in the same season.

Naming and resizing digital files for club competitions

As well as your files for the digital competition please also include a digital file of your print entry. All these files should be jpegs with an sRGB profile. Files are submitted using the online forms, available in the ‘Members’ section of the club website. Remember that your digital files should be no larger than 1400 pixels wide and no larger than 1050 pixels high.  That is: for landscape format images change the width to 1400 and check that the height is no more than 1050 pixels.  If the height works out at more than 1050 pixels then change this and the width should be less than 1400.