Competition Entry

The first competition of the season is an Open one. We are only taking digital submissions this year – so you may enter a total of three of these.

The usual size restrictions are in place – i.e. up to 1400 x 1050 in size, < 2Mb file size.

The title does not need to include your membership number, or an image number.

You need to select which class (Intermediate or Advanced) you are entering. Note that if you use the ‘Clear’ button on any of your entries this Class selection option will disappear! (This is a bug in the system which will hopefully be fixed soon). If this happens just refresh the page in your browser and it should come back!

Closing date for this competition is 24th September.

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The NYSDPA competition is primarily an inter-society contest, although awards are made for individual merit, so it is worth entering. The competition is normally in two sections normally: prints, which may be either colour or monochrome; and projected digital images, which again may be either colour or monochrome, but due to the current position the print competition will not be run this year and we will only require digital entries.

You may enter:

One Image for the Individual Projected Digital Image Trophy competition.

Two Images, to be considered for selection for the Inter-Society Projected Digital Trophy.

Please remember you are not permitted to enter any work entered in previous years – if you are not sure what you have used before please contact John Hopkins.

Image files should be resized to a maximum of 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels the same as club entries.

Filenames should be your name followed by the title of the image. Please use the underscore character in place of spaces. You don’t need to add membership number or any other information – e.g. Simon_Allen_Saltburn_sunset.jpg, John_Hopkins_GoldenEagle.jpg etc

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