Competition Entry

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Internal competitions

For all internal competitions this year (including the mono competition) there will be both Print and Digital sections. You may enter a maximum of 3 images per competition – either Two Prints and One Digital or vice versa. Please also assign an ‘Entry Number’ (1, 2 or 3) to each entry, just in case we get too many entries for judging in any competition. If that does happen your image numbered 3 will be excluded. This may be either a print or a digital entry (so you could be left with 2 in one section and none in the other).

The usual size restrictions for the internal competitions are in place – i.e. up to 1400 x 1050 in size, < 2Mb file size.

The title does not need to include your membership number.

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External competitions


The next external competition is the PAGB GB Cup. The last date for entries to this competition will be 7th January 2022.


An Image by a Photographer, or an Image so similar as to be nearly identical, is not eligible if it has been entered to the same Event in a previous year. In addition, an image that has been entered previously in the GB Cup (Small Clubs) is not eligible for entry to the GB Cup (Open).

Digital Image Files format – Please note different file dimensions

Image files must be in RGB mode (even for monochrome images) and in the sRGB colour space. Files must be saved in JPEG format The maximum image dimensions are 1600 pixels horizontal by 1200 pixels vertical.

Images file with larger pixel dimensions than these limits, and any Image file larger than 2MB, will not upload.

The GB Cup – Open

There is no upper limit on the number of images that may be entered by an Entrant Club.

The entry must include at least 5 Photographers, with no more than 4 Images from any Photographer.

Nature Images, as defined in Appendix 2, may not be included

The GB Cup – Nature

Each Entrant Club must submit a minimum of 4 Nature Images and there is no upper limit on the number of images that may be entered by an Entrant Club.

The entry must include no more than 4 Images from any Photographer.

 Appendix 2


Nature means Images where living organisms are the primary subject matter. The story telling value of an Image will normally be weighed more than the pictorial quality.

Nature includes:

  • Images taken with subjects in controlled conditions such as zoos, game parks, botanic gardens, aquariums and enclosures where the subjects are dependent on man for food. Scientific bands, tags or collars are permissible.

Nature excludes:

  • Images where the subjects are obviously domestic animals or plants.
  • Images where an obviously artistic treatment has been applied.

Processing of the captured image, by cropping, exposure adjustment, colour correction, noise minimisation, dodging/burning, HDR, focus stacking and sharpening, is permitted, as is cloning of image defects and minor distractions including overlapping elements.

An Image appearing to meet these criteria will be accepted as Nature. The Judges will normally assume that any Image presented to them is eligible.

Access to some biological subjects may be restricted. Where that is relevant, then Photographers warrant that they have followed relevant codes of practices and hold any necessary licences.

The closing date for entries is 7th January 2022

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Northallerton Battle

On the 10th February 2022,  we have the annual Northallerton Battle which, will be held at Stokesley this year.

We are reverting back to our normal format this year of one piece of work per member in each section of the competition,15 prints and 15 digital images per club. Stuart Skelsey from Whitley Bay P S will be judging the competition.

In order to give for him time to judge the work and for John to put the competition together we will need the entries no later than the 13th of January 2022. Prints will be collecteds on either the 6th or 13th January 2022.

If you are interested in representing the club, please upload your digital files in the normal format below.

Please note: Subject is of your choice, but I only require either one print and one PDi from each member or one of either.

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