Competition Entry

See below for the next internal & external competitions. We are only taking digital submissions this year – so you may enter a total of three of these, even for the Peter Denham mono competition.

If you have logged in and still don’t see the entry fields you may have to Refresh your browser – in Windows this is ctrl+R, or right-click on the window and choose ‘Refresh’, and on the Mac it is right-click then choose ‘Reload Page’

The usual size restrictions for the internal competitions are in place – i.e. up to 1400 x 1050 in size, < 2Mb file size.

The title does not need to include your membership number. You also need to assign an ‘Entry Number’ (1, 2 or 3) to each entry. If necessary (because of the overall number of entries) your image numbered 3 will be excluded.

You need to select which class (Intermediate or Advanced) you are entering.

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The closing date for the ‘Shapes in Nature’ competition is 11th March

External Competitions

NCPF Annuals

Once again, due to the present situation, the competition is digital only

There are two Classes; Open and Beginners (Please contact John Hopkins to verify you are eligible to enter the beginner’s section)

Since there is no print competitions this year the NCPF have decided to increase the number of entry’s allowed per person as follows:-

Entry to Open Competition 4 entries.

Entry to Beginners Competition (Jane Black) 2 entries + 2 entries into the Open DPI section.

Entries can be Monochrome , Colour and Nature.


Projected Images entered in any previous Annual Competitions that have won an award (including H/C’s and Alliance entries) are ineligible for entry into future years’ competitions in any format

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The PAGB Cup has two sections, Open and Nature, which are both club competitions (no individual entries). For the Open section we need entries from at least 5 members in each case with no more than 4 entries per member. For the Nature section we need a minimum of 4 images.

The maximum size for these entries is 1600 x 1200 pixels and 2 Mb.

The deadline for entries is 14th January 2021

Please save your files with the filename in the format Name_Title, e.g. Simon Allen_Saltburn Sunset

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