Competition Entry

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Internal competitions

For all internal competitions this year (including the mono competition) there will be both Print and Digital sections. You may enter a maximum of 3 images per competition – either Two Prints and One Digital or vice versa. Please also assign an ‘Entry Number’ (1, 2 or 3) to each entry, just in case we get too many entries for judging in any competition. If that does happen your image numbered 3 will be excluded. This may be either a print or a digital entry (so you could be left with 2 in one section and none in the other).

The usual size restrictions for the internal competitions are in place – i.e. up to 1400 x 1050 in size, < 2Mb file size.

The title does not need to include your membership number.

All our internal competitions for the 2021/22 season have now been completed

External competitions

NCPF Annuals

Last date to upload digital files for PDi’s & Prints is 17nd March 2022. [ Prints to be handed in no later than 17th March]

Please note the change in image dimensions.

  1. The Annual Competitions is divided into two Formats; namely Digital Projected Images, and Print In each Format, there will be two Classes; namely Open and Beginners. Open Prints will be divided into two sections for judging; namely Colour and Monochrome.
  2. In the Open Class of each Section, awards may be given for pictures of different Categories (g. portrait, landscape, nature etc
  1. a) Any club member may submit up to 3 entries into each Open Section (Electronic Images, Monochrome Prints and Colour          Prints).
  2. b) A Beginner may submit up to 2 entries in each of the two Beginners Competition; namely Projected Digital Images and Prints      (including Colour and Monochrome) and can also enter a further picture into the Open Classes so long as the combined entry      for any Section does not exceed that set out in paragraph ‘a)’ above


Prints/Projected Images entered in any previous Annual Competitions that have won an award (including H/C’s and Alliance entries) are ineligible for entry into future years’ competitions in any format

Entries can be Monochrome, Colour and Nature. (See appendix re definition)

Any work submitted as Nature/Natural History has to comply with the PAGB definition of Nature. Please indicate those images with the letter ‘N’ in the title

The club nominates 6 entries from the work submitted by the club members to be considered for the three Club Competitions; namely the Corder Trophy (monochrome Prints) the Bewick Trophy (colour prints) and the Myles Audas Memorial Trophy (DPI Nature).

Maximum 2 entries for any worker, the entries will have an automatic entry into the Open Class Competitions.

Projected Digital Image files must be prepared in JPEG format  and with maximum pixel dimensions of 1600px in the horizontal and 1200px in the vertical planes respectively.

Prints shall be: mounted on a board not exceeding 3mm in total thickness. No mount to exceed 500mm x 400mm [Please just write your name and title only] Sorry, you must be logged in to see this.