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Using Zoom for club meetings and lectures

Using Zoom to join in our programme of lectures and meetings is pretty straightforward – you do not even have to have a webcam or microphone to watch the lectures.

We have some brief instructions on using zoom:

Login To Zoom Via The Website

How To Share Your Screen In Zoom

How to Join a Zoom meeting

Here is a link to a short YouTube video on how to join a Zoom meeting

New Natures Images webinars

Three new webinars are available from Natures Images.

To continue the programme for June, Paul will talk about his approaches to photographing fungi, Danny will share his wonderful images from the Arctic, and Ellie will talk about her creative approaches to high key photography.

All webinars are FREE, and each speaker will hold two presentations on the same day, at 2pm and 7pm, which we hope will suit your schedules. Places are limited to 100 guests per webinar, so please reserve your place early if you would like to attend.

It’s very easy to register; just check the webinar details using the link above, click the button for the webinar date and time that you would like to attend, and register your details to reserve your free place.

Focus stacking

Following the discussion on focus stacking for macro images in our Zoom call this week, here are some links to information on the internet:

Oliver Wright

Peta Pixel

Laura Shoe Lightroom Tutorials

Laura Shoe is a respected Lightroom author and coach. Her website / blog has an extensive collection of tips and tutorials (some free, some paid for). To find topics of interest scroll down on the blog and on the right side you will find anĀ Article Topics section – click on a topic of interest and it will give you a list of articles.

RPS Tutorials

The RPS has a number of tutorials available on its website.

Every month Digital Imaging Group is provided with some useful tutorials relating to image manipulation and enhancement. These have been collated them on their website for your enjoyment.

Adobe Cloud Subscriptions

Apparently Adobe are currently offering Lightroom/Photoshop CC subscribers a three month holiday from payments. You have to apply individually on their website.

Log into the Adobe website and use the online chat facility. Type in ‘Covid 19’ which the automatic help does not recognise but you will eventually get a real advisor, which might take a couple of attempts. The ask for a payment holiday.

Thanks to Paula for this